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Idolmaster Power Up Sets Revealed

Posted on: 3rd February, 2016 @ 4:48 pm by lankyspirit
Idolmaster Power Up Reveal

Today Bushiroad announced 2 new Power Up sets for Idolmaster; Red and Blue. It is set for release on 8th April 2016, alongside the previously announced Power Up sets for Clannad and Log Horizon.


Power Up sets are this years’ WS must have, designed to give sets a small update in power. It is essentially a comeback campaign that you have to pay for. However, it is definitely worth paying for with the extras that you get.


For ¥3500 (+ tax) you get a play set of 8 brand new cards (8 x 4 = 32) and 1 card in each of those play sets will be a foil (8). You also get a 60 pack of High Grade (HG) sleeves, a deck holder and a storage box.


Full Power Up Reveals

Power Up Sets to be Release in April


The red and blue Idolmaster sets will contain different cards. Bushiroad also stress that this information could still change before the April release.


Hopefully, Idolmaster and co will get some of the effects that have become current day staples, such as anti-change counters, to top them up a little. Having played a lot of Idolmaster recently, I have been feeling the need for these small updates.


Regardless, I am excited for these Power Up sets. Any excuse to upgrade my Clannad deck is a good excuse. Who knows, if these sell well maybe it will pave the way for updates to other older sets that are desperately in need of some new blood.