Additional School Girl Strikers Reveals 05-02-16 - lankyspirit

Additional School Girl Strikers Reveals 05-02-16

Posted on: 5th February, 2016 @ 1:38 pm by lankyspirit

Bushiroad have decided to treat us to some late released additional cards today for the upcoming School Girl Strikers Weiss Schwarz set. Read on to take a look at the 3 new exciting reveals.



SGS/S37-062 R
“Biscuit Sirius” Aoi Yukie
Level 3
Cost 2
Trigger 1
Power 10000
Soul 2
Traits – Striker, Curious
[CONT] If all of your Characters are red, this card gains +1000 Power.
[AUTO] When this card is placed from the Hand to the Stage, reveal the top card of your Deck. If that card is a red Character, you may deal 1 Damage to your Opponent. (This Damage can be Cancelled. Return the revealed card to its original position.)
[AUTO][(1)] When this card’s Damage is Cancelled, you may pay the Cost. If so, choose 1 Character in your Waiting Room, add it to your Hand. Choose 1 card in your Hand and place it into Waiting Room.


This level 3 is pretty cool and as always the SGS art does not disappoint. Like a lot of cards that have been revealed so far you need a full field of a single colour to get an effect, thankfully though on Yukie it is just a small buff (as opposed to Io where it is for her Climax combo). The second effect is great, you can’t argue with a chance at some free damage. This allows you to either bring your opponent closer to death or get a climax out of the way in preparation for some real damage. The last effect is not an ability you can rely on, as it only triggers when you cancel damage with this character, but at least you can get something out of a normally disappointing event. While not completely amazing, it does allow you to get at characters you need and discard some cards you don’t; such as climaxes ready for a refresh.



SGS/S37-065 U
Curious Loving Girl Yukie
Level 0
Cost 0
Trigger 0
Power 500
Soul 1
Traits – Striker, Curious
[CONT] ASSIST All Characters in front of this card gain +500 Power.
[AUTO] When another of your Character’s battle Opponents is put to Reverse, you may place the top card of your Deck into the Waiting Room.


This card isn’t anything too special. A generic booster that can allow to mill cards when you kill your opponent’s guys. Great fro running through your deck when you are having climax trouble, not too good for much else. I am hoping that the Niho that was revealed today, that randomly removes Yukie’s <<Curious>> trait, will make this card do some work when combined with future reveals. That could be a fun gimmick. Otherwise, that Niho is just a really random and flavourful vanilla and this card will remain so-so.



SGS/S37-094 C
Leisurely in the Sea Yukie
Level 2
Cost 2
Trigger 1
Power 8000
Soul 2
Traits – Striker, Curious
[CONT] EXPERIENCE If the cards in your Level area have a total Level of 5 or more, this card gains +1500 Power.
[AUTO] When this card is placed from the Hand to the Stage, if you have 4 or more other <<Striker>> Characters, you may place the top card of your Deck to Stock.


This Yukie is pretty basic, but what do you expect from a common. An easy 2/2 9500 (it should be very easy to hit experience 5 by level 2 in an experience deck) that if played with a full field you can get a stock back; essentially making it a 1 cost card. Playing this as your last character to fill out the field should not be a problem and so many cards with this effect have come before it and have been viable. However, the best cards with this effect are 2/1’s (such as Time of Determination Tsubasa from original Symphogear). What is better than costing 1 less? Costing 1 less and being free. Getting some power and an additional soul out of it is nice, but unless this gimmick expands it is not a very playable card.


So there you have, some more School Girl Strikers reveals to tickle your card taste buds. The art in this set is absolutely gorgeous and I am looking forward to what future reveals will bring. So far it is not looking like the strongest set, but it is definitely shaping up to be fun and well worth playing.