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Puyo Puyo Weiss Schwarz Set Release First Impressions

Posted on: 6th February, 2016 @ 1:43 pm by lankyspirit
Puyo First Impression Cover

Welcome to the first of my “first impressions” articles for lankyspirit.com. Here I plan to give my initial thoughts on the new Puyo Puyo set, alongside highlighting a few stand out cards from each colour. Each colour will have a spotlight card, the card I think deserves the most attention, followed by a few other notable additions (those of you who used to read my old articles over on otakukato.com should be semi-familiar with the format). It feels like I have been waiting an eternity for this set with its announcement being around a year ago. So without further ado, lets kick things off with yellow.






Puyo Yellow Highlight

PY/S38-003 RR
“Bayoe~n” Arle
Level 3
Cost 2
Trigger 1
Power 10000
Soul 2
Traits – Puyo, Magic
[AUTO] When this card attacks, if the Climax 「Bayoe~n」is in the Climax Area, during that turn, all of your <<Puyo>> Characters gain +2000 Power and this card gains the following ability. 「[AUTO] You may activate this ability up to once a turn. When this card’s Damage is Cancelled, you may deal 1 Damage to your opponent. (This Damage can be Cancelled)」
[AUTO] You may activate this ability up to once a turn. During the turn that this card was played from your Hand to the Stage, when this card’s Damage is Cancelled, you may deal 1 Damage to your opponent. (This Damage can be Cancelled)


This card had to be my spotlight for yellow. Heck, this card is my highlight for the entire set. I know it might seem like I am blowing my load early here, but this card is seriously strong. A character that has shot and then can gain another instance shot for free by comboing with a wind climax. Sign me up. Anything that gives me additional chances to deal damage is a bonus. It works well for Symphogear GX Hibiki so it can work here too.


I would also like to point out that the climax this card combos with is also a red 2 soul. That is right, you even get a chance at some variety with the climax to go with her. The 2 soul option is very nice for times where you need to do 4+ damage to win. You either land a chunk of damage that wins the game or ping for 1 damage and get closer for the next attack. The 2 soul increases the chances that you will get cancelled and, if you play multiple Arles, you can watch those ping stacks do some work. Factor in all of the side attack options it gives as well and it is starting to look like a very appealing option. I might play test either a 2-2 split or a 3-1 in favour of wind. After all, you don’t want to be too ham.




So that is enough of me getting excited over Arle, let’s take a look at some other cards that yellow has to offer. (I would like to point out that my translations on these cards will be in shorthand so as not to make this article any larger than it already is)


Great Victory! Arle – 0/0, 4000 Power, 1 Soul. On play, mill 2 cards. If either is a Climax, put this to Rest. – This is a nice source of early power. Sure it can still be slayed and it coming into rest is a pain, but think of the positives. If you hit a climax you only go to rest, the character isn’t sent to stock or worse; the waiting room. It also allows you to run through some of the deck, great for when you run through a lot of climaxes early. All you need to do is time when you play this card right and it could really do some work. Did I forget to mention that it feeds the bin for the those puyo characters you can play unlimited copies of? Well it does. 2/3 copies of this should do, as it can be a dangerous play late game should it come in rested.


Studying Alchemy Witch – 1/0, 4500 Power, 1 Soul. On play, gain power equal to the number of <<Puyo>> characters x500. On attack, if the stock soul Climax is in play, reveal top. If <<Puyo>> add it to hand. – A great 1/0 combo that can net you some extra cards. The climax nets you some extra stock too so you can start saving for those Arles early. The only problem is you may not always get to grab a card. As this set has a couple of decent events, your odds for hitting characters may be a little lower. If you are luckier than I am with these effects, you will net some advantage. Worth playing and if you do go all in at 4 copies. Being able to get multiple triggers of the combo will definitely do good things for your hand size.


Idle Feeling!? Draco Centaurus – 0/0, 1500 Power, 1 Soul. Other centre slot character gets +500. CONCENTRATE [(1) Rest 2] Mill 4 and search <<Puyo>> per Climax. – The search concentrator in yellow. Not my favourite in the set, but it feels worth pointing out as you don’t have to discard.


Whimsical Carbuncle – 2/1, 6500 Power, 1 Soul. ASSIST All <<Puyo>> in front gain +1000 Power and the ability「This card can’t be targeted by an Opponent’s effects」– A nice little buff that protects your guys from wind triggers and other nasty effects. Not a must but will definitely be a nice addition to the decks playing with markers.


Carbuncle – 0/0, 1000 Power, 1 Soul. On attack, give another Character +1 Level and +1000 Power for the turn. BOND「“Bayoe~n” Arle」[Discard a card] – A bond for the best level 3 in the set? I’ll be taking 2 of those. The buff ability also makes him useful throughout the game, especially at level 0 and 1 when you are trying to dodge slayers.






Puyo Green Highlight

PY/S38-030 RR
Sweet Tooth Lemres
Level 0
Cost 0
Trigger 1
Power 1000
Soul 1
Traits – Puyo, Sweets
[AUTO] When this card is placed from the Hand to the Stage, reveal the top card of your Deck. If that card is a <<Puyo>> Character, add it to your Hand, choose 1 card in your Hand and place it into the Waiting Room. (If not, return the card to its original position)
[ACT] Concentrate [(1)] Turn over the top 4 cards of your Deck, place them into the Waiting Room. For each Climax card revealed this way, search your Deck for 1 <<Puyo>> Character and show it to your Opponent, choose 1 card in your Hand and place it into the Waiting Room. Shuffle your Deck.


It was tough to pick a green card to put in the spotlight, but I chose the concentrator in the end. Sure the level 3’s are great, but I wanted to shine the spotlight on how useful this particular RR is. For starters, the moment you play him he gets to work. From this reveal you either get a character and can discard some chaff (the usual unnecessary climaxes, change targets and the like) or you get to find out what your top card is. That card is most likely going to be a climax , so now you can pay 1 to search out at least 1 character and discard. So essentially, you get a surprise or something you really want (like your 1/0 for a combo or an Arle). I am aware it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, none of his effects actually give you +1 to the number of cards in your hand. However, being a repeatable concentrator allows him to really dig you out of those situations where you go through all of your climaxes quickly. In my Idolmaster deck, I play a Takane with a similar ability and she really works for me. It is not an effect I activate often, but it is good to have. 3 copies of this Lemres will be good due to the first effect. This way you can also play him, do a single concentrate and attack with him; safe in the knowledge you may well come across another.




Lemres – 3/2, 10000 Power, 2 Soul. EXPERIENCE If your level area is all <<Puyo>> +1500 Power. On play discard 1 card, get +1000 Power and clock kick. – With an experience effect that is difficult to not activate; this is essentially an 11500. By making the power and clock kick cost discard, you can save that stock for more level 3’s whilst still getting your effects. Just keep an eye on your hand size and you should be fine. Line him up with Arle for quite the finisher. Could have easily been the spotlight card, but I wanted to talk about the concentrator more.


Feli – 3/2, 11000 Power, 2 Soul. On play heal. When this card goes to reverse, place it on the bottom of the deck. – Another card that could have been the spotlight card. This card has a rather interesting 2/1 change cost. When the 2/1 is front attacked, you can pay 1 and bin it to play this level 3 from your hand as the defending character. This not only gives you a cheeky heal, but might win you a losing fight. Its higher base power means it packs a bit more of a punch, and the bottom of the deck effect can be played to your advantage to get more heals (by searching or drawing it if you have only a few cards left). Just be aware that your opponent can use it too when calculating damage. There is also the mind game you get to play with your opponent, where they might just side attack until you are level 3 to stop your early play (whether you have it or not). Free damage reduction. Definitely worth considering if you have the space.


Love Maiden Feli – 1/0, 4500 Power, 1 Soul. +500 Power for every other <<Puyo>> Character. – It is big and it is free, what is not to like. If you have some level 1 space consider filling it with this.


Genius Magician Lemres – 1/0, 5000 Power, 1 Soul. If he defeats his battle opponent whilst a stock soul climax is out, choose 2 <<Puyo>> characters in your bin and put them to stock. – This combo is really interesting. You can have some free stock to help you on your way to achieving the zen state that is deck compression. He has a Feli that bonds with him for 1 stock and gives this specific Lemres +1000 power. That combined with the climax being a stock soul just further improves your compression. A decent choice for those Green Puyo decks.


F.A.T.E – 3/1 Event. Choose 1 Character on your Clock, return it to your Hand. This card goes to Memories. – Free dude and a heal that gets around anti heal. Sure nobody in the meta is really playing that right now, but you still get a heal and plus 1 to your hand for 1 cost. I’m not complaining and will definitely be playing a couple of copies.






Puyo Red Highlight

PY/S38-064 RR
“Bayoe~n” Amitie
Level 1
Cost 0
Trigger 0
Power 3000
Soul 1
Traits – Puyo, Hat
[CONT] While this card is on the Stage, this cards name is treated as「Red Puyo」.
[AUTO] When your opponent Levels Up, if the Climax 「Bayoe~n」is in the Climax Area and this card is on the Front Row, choose 1 Character in your Waiting Room, you may return it to your Hand.
[AUTO] When this card goes to [Reverse], and its battle opponent is Level 1 or lower, you may put that Character to [Reverse].


I had to put the spotlight on the red level 1 that combos with the same climax as the Arle level 3. So this combos with either a wind or a 2 soul. The 2 soul is not necessarily the best climax for this combo, sure you do more damage so can level your opponent up easier, but it also means your damage is easier to cancel. Sometimes, the option that deals slightly less damage may be best. Of course it is entirely situational, but it goes without saying that you do not want to whiff on this. It needs to be timed so you can be sure your opponent will level up. That way you can play a couple of copies and let the value roll in. Being a level 1 slayer is also a nice touch, even though right now there are a few cards kicking around that could potentially throw a spanner in the works. Recently, Symphogear got a Tsubasa booster that constantly gives out a level and a couple of sets (such as the new Dog Days EB) have got a 1/1 that gains +1 level and +3500 power against cost 0’s. Also, Bushiroad are really pushing the early play level 2’s right now. They really want to try and reduce the effectiveness of slayers. If current trends in play continue and these effects keep getting better like this, they could become a problem. You could also look at it from the angle that the slayer part is just extra and what you really want is the salvage. This will be the mindset I will be taking. The name turning into Red Puyo is cool, but I can’t see it being too helpful in try-hard builds.




Bacchigu! Amitie – 3/2, 9000 Power, 2 Soul. If Batankyu~ Amitie is on the Clock, lose 1 Level in your Hand.+500 Power for every other <<Puyo>> Character. On play, look at top X, choose 1 and add it to your Hand, discard the rest. X is your <<Puyo>> Characters. – Ties in nicely with the a later mentioned Amitie, letting you get an early play that nets you cards. With a full field she is sitting pretty at 11000 before boosts. Nice high power card that lets you run through some deck. Note that it says pick a card, so you can get those climaxes for your combos or those events for healing too. I like it and will definitely be using it to increase my deck’s reliability and maintain a decent hand size.


Student of Primp Magic School Sig – 0/0, 1000 Power, 1 Soul. Your other Front Row Centre Slot Character gets the following effect. 「This card cannot be reversed by your Opponent’s AUTO effects. 」CONCENTRATE [(1) Rest this] Mill 4. For every Climax salvage 1 Character. – Lemres is the concentrator that comes and goes, Sig is the one who snuggles in for a while. Pop this guy on the back row and try to salvage up some friends and fill up that hand. His first effect is nice for dodging slayers too, especially the level 2’s who are being printed to deal with early plays (sadly the send to stock ones like Mayoi will still work as they do not try to reverse you). I really like this Sig, it is a solid card. I approve and look forward to using him.


Accord Sensei – 3/2, 10000 Power, 2 Soul. On play reveal top. If <<Puyo>> deal 1 Damage. If this card’s Damage is Cancelled, gain 2000 Power. If this card reverses its battle opponent, give out 2000 Power. – A chance at some free damage. As if this set didn’t try to ping your opponent enough with shot and clock kick, it is also doing damage on play too. I’m not sure I will have space for this, but it is definitely something to consider. Some decks, especially budget ones, will want to use this to help them close out games. The only downside is, there is nothing more anti-climactic than winning a game with this effect.


Batankyu~ Amitie – 0/0, 2500 Power, 1 Soul. If you have 2 or fewer Stock, this card gains a level and 1000 Power. – A nice level zero that is big and can help you deal with those pesky slayers. The above Sig might have you covered in the centre slot, but Amitie can help you deal with the sides. I have played this effect in ZnT and believe me it does the work. Also, it allows you to early play the level 3.






Puyo Blue Highlight

PY/S38-090 RR
In a Mysterious Dream♪ Ringo
Level 0
Cost 0
Trigger 1
Power 2500
Soul 1
Traits – Puyo, Science
[AUTO] At the beginning of your Opponent’s Attack Phase, you may send the top card of your Deck to the Waiting Room. If that card is a <<Puyo>> Character, you may move this Character to an empty Slot on the Front Row.


I am sorry that blue is a little boring. I wanted to pick science bear I really did, but he just is not as good as either the runner or a the level 1 search. Realistically, the search should be here because it lets you set up level 1 nicely, but I prefer the art on the runner so it wins. You can reliably keep this single card alive throughout your level 0 game, allowing you to keep cards in your hand while continuing to generate stock. Your opponent will think twice about leaving you on 5 damage when your runner successfully dodged their guys. A staple in every deck these days in one form or another, good luck finding your play set.




Risukuma Senpai – 3/2, 10000 Power, 2 Soul. If your Opponent has 3 or fewer Climaxes in bin, lose a Level in your Hand. On play reveal top. If a Climax, go to Memories, come back during the next Draw Phase. On play from Hand or Memories, heal. – As I said, I so wanted to put Risukuma senpai as the spotlight card but couldn’t do it. As fun as he is, I don’t think he is going to be busting many balls in the meta. This isn’t because he is bad, in fact far from it, it is more that there is so much to choose from at level 3 he just sort of sits by the side, waiting to rule those Blue Puyo decks. You can never go wrong with an early play heal and his second effect is as much a  blessing as it is a curse. You play this guy early and hit that climax, you get some tasty value with 2 heals. Awesome. However, if you really need to try and win this turn and you hit that climax, good bye 2 soul attacker. I sure hope I don’t die next turn so I can use you. The card art is great too, he really does not give a crap. Please notice me Risukuma-senpai~


Suzuran Junior High Student Ringo – 0/0, 2000 Power, 1 Soul. On play, pay and take a damage to search a Level 1 or lower <<Puyo>> Character. – Probably the best of the blue cards. This is another staple in every set that has one. It makes your level 1 combo so much more reliable. If you already have 1 in hand, now you have 2 for double the combo. If you don’t need the level 1, maybe you need a concentrator or booster that is integral to maintaining field presence. Either way, good luck finding your play set of this too.


Full of Curiosity Ringo – 3/2, 9500 Power, 2 Soul. On play, draw 2 drop 1. When another <<Puyo>> attacks, gain +1000 Power. If this card’s Damage is Cancelled with Trousers (Pants) Climax, pay 4 and put this in Memories. Choose 1 character in your bin and play it. Battle does not happen. – Like Risukuma, another card for those going deep into blue. You can net yourself an extra attack, even if the price and circumstances make things a little difficult. Think of it this way. Those times you play the climax and the damage goes on, you just landed 3+ damage. Good job. Getting buff on attacks gives her a purpose when she is not doing the combo; just be big and punch stuff. Not defeating the opponent during the combo is a bit of a pain, but remember your 4th attack is most likely to try and kill your opponent. Just grab a card with enough soul to win the game, remember the climax is continuous so the card you fetch gains a soul, and go to town. Fun card. As I have said previously, if the level 3 game wasn’t already so good it would make the cut for me.


Time Traveller Ecolo – 1/1, 6000 Power, 1 Soul. If you have 2 or more other <<Puyo>>, gain +1 Level and +1500 Power. – Remember I mentioned on the slayer that Bushiroad keeps trying to make cards to stop slayers from being amazing? Well welcome to one of them. This Ecolo card is an easy level 2 7500 guy when he hits the stage. Great for dealing with slayers and having some power on the board. To balance him out he does not have clock/character encore, which may well be his undoing. These days, paying 1 is an investment that you need to see a lot of value out of. If it just deals with a slayer then immediately dies, you are still pretty down about it. If you decide to include this guy, only got with 1-2 copies and time when you play him carefully.


Clear Mind Ringo – 1/1, 6500 Power, 1 Soul. For each Marker, gain +1 Level and +1000 Power. When defeat opponent, put 1「Blue Puyo」in your bin under this card as a Marker. When you place a Marker, if you have 4 or more Markers, put this card to Stock, choose a <<Puyo>> Character in your Hand and play it to the Stage in Rest. – Intended for the Blue Puyo decks, as you stack markers you become harder to deal with both power-wise and side attack-wise. If your opponent feeds you then you just get to early play level 3’s quicker. Remember, as it comes in from your hand your Ringo’s get to draw 2  drop 1. Ringo is a nice early play here as you can ride her high power till level 3 and then climax combo.






Puyo Purple Highlight

PY/S38-120 C
Putple Puyo
Level 0
Cost 0
Trigger 0
Power 3000
Soul 1
Traits – Puyo
Be Purple


When reveals started for this set, I was worried about poor Purple Puyo and what would become of him. Turns out I didn’t need to worry, Bushiroad did a solid for my favourite puyo and just gave him a colour. If you were to go back in time 5 years and tell me that there would be a 5th colour in WS, I would laugh at you and your implausible notion. They also gave him a PR squirrel buddy, even if he is just a generic 500 in front booster.


Sure they immediately banned them in standard to stop them aiding effects that need colours in play like Wedding Riki from Little Busters! Card Mission; but that is okay because we still get that delicious flavour. I know Riki is not the best example, but he is the first guy that came to mind (side note: the alternate foil art of this card with him in a wedding dress is amazing). Also, how can you not love that face. Look at it, the face of a real winner.


So there you have it, the cards I wanted highlight from the new Puyo Puyo set. With so many good finishers and cards that allow you to set up your hand, this set has a great potential. Any set where you can plot a road map similar to “Utility at 0 to get level 1 -> level 1 combo for advantage/setup -> early play -> have multiple decent finishers” is destined for greatness. Sure the anti-change is a 1/1 1500 pay 2, there is not much in the way of encore at level 1 and no chances for a free refresh; but you can’t have everything. I think there is more than enough decent stuff in the set to give birth to a handful of decks, maybe even more than 1 that could be competitive (or as it is now known, the Cinderella Girls dream). The coloured puyo decks look really fun to play and I have a few ideas floating around in the old noodle that I may share after some testing.


The effects, the art, the gimmicks; it all comes together nicely in the set. I can’t recommend it to you enough, just be aware that it is sold out everywhere right now. I went to all of the card shops in Nagoya yesterday trying to pick up an additional box and everywhere was sold out. Just being able to pick up a second trial deck was a lucky break. So if you were fortunate enough to get your hands on some then great, if not there is always the reprint. Either way I guarantee you are in for some fun times. Until next time, ta-rah~