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Idolmaster Power Up Set Updates – Character Breakdown and Delays

Posted on: 5th March, 2016 @ 1:26 pm by lankyspirit

With the all new Power Up sets being released next month Bushiroad have revealed some information regarding the upcoming Idolmaster sets. Sadly, not all of it is good news.


In an announcement made Monday on the official Weiss Schwarz website, both the red and blue Idolmaster Power Up sets will be delayed until 29th April. Bushiroad explain that it is due to an inability to keep up with demand. They go on to stress that this does not affect the other Power Up sets, Clannad and Log Horizon, from still being released on 8th April.


They have however also released the contents of each set:


Haruka (Red)

Yayoi (Red)

Hibiki (Red)

Miki (Red)

Mami (Yellow)

Yukiho (Yellow)

Ami (Green)

Red Event


Power Up Red List



Chihaya (Blue)

Makoto (Blue)

Takane (Blue)

Kotori (Blue)

Iori (Green)

Azusa (Green)

Ritsuko (Green)

Blue Event


Power Up Blue List


Making Kotori blue again is an interesting choice. She hasn’t had a blue card since the original set. Regarding effects, we can only hope one of these cards is an anti-change counter. I have my pre-orders for the Power Sets ready to go. Do you?