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Chimera Spring Championship 2016

Posted on: 15th March, 2016 @ 2:32 pm by UndropJon
Spring 2016 Tournament Cover

To introduce myself I’m UndroppableJon and I’ll be writing articles for lankyspirit every now and then. I live in Manchester in England and have being playing Weiss Schwarz for around 5 years or so; with the first set I really bought into being the Kudwafter/Angel Beats set. I’ve had mixed success at tournaments in the past hosted by Chimera, with the last big thing being top 8 at Neo showdown 2014 (which also was held at the royal Angus Hotel, Birmingham).


So to start I’d like to give a big thank you to Blair and Chimera for organizing and running this two day event, that took place on the 5th/6th March 2016 at the Royal Angus in Birmingham. As usual they went above and beyond for both Japanese and English Weiss Schwarz players and deserve the support they get.  So lets get into why people are here then shall we?


So even though I now live in Manchester, I still consider myself a Chimera local and part of the home team. The team consists of: myself, lankyspirit (even if he’s in Japan currently), Lee, Daryl, Chris and Joe. Of which myself, Cameron, Daryl and Chris had more to prove this time round as we hadn’t done too hot in the last WGP qualifier (whereas Joe and Lee had done far better). So needless to say pride was on the line, at least for myself, so I decided to run a deck I’d spent almost a year playing majorly but only really finished buying a month back. That being the Little Busters twin deck, going the full R/G/B build so no splash into yellow for Brosashi or the Rin combo to search out lvl 2 or higher guys. So I have a deck I know and like, as well as  a solid match up knowledge, now onto the day.


Mr Not Appearing in this deck

Mr Not Appearing in this deck


Round 1 – School Girl Strikers TD (Chris)

I had thought this would happen as in most of the Weiss Schwarz tournaments I enter I end up against someone on my team first round. Even though he was running a modded TD with the lvl 3 and lvl 1 counter promos, it was no push over deck. The 2/1 that gains power on attack did give me trouble with how big it got; as I don’t have a lvl 2 game and rely on my lvl 1s to carry me to either the early play red Kanata or lvl 3 when I can open up with clock kicks. Our Chris channeled all his love for that series right into his plays pushing me hard to lvl 3 but luckily the money counter and a clock kick later secured my win.

1 – 0


Round 2 – Charlotte R/Y/B

I had very little knowledge of the Charlotte set going into this match, so I had no idea what awaited me outside stuff I’d seen during its release all those months back. But the one card I knew of was the anti-shot which was not going to be affecting me. I took some solace in that at least. This one I’d managed to fight and hold my lvl 1 game against the lass, but soon after taking too much damage it became tough to keep the 1/0 Haruka with clock encore around so it was all down to my draws. I did manage to wangle a few turns of less damage by faking the money counter in hand and the Yukiko lvl 3 (which I wasn’t running but do have the climax for her combo). Sadly tho I was chipped away at and my gamble on the lvl 2 mill counter failed me, so Charlotte gave me a beating and down I went.

1 – 1


Round 3 – Shining Resonance Y/B

An extra set I do love seeing being played with one of funnest lvl 3s in the game I think with the dragon; but I digress. This game was not really all that fun as my opponent went first, clock, pass, after mulling a climax. So seeing my chance, down came 3 slayers and a climax to boot next think I know my opponent is lvl 1 and still struggling for guys to play. This was one of those none matches you sometimes get where one person draws it all and the other nothing. I hate playing theses games but sadly they happen no matter which side you end up on. Eventually we are into the late game and down comes the dragon but luckily I had the money counter in hand. So not wanting to risk it I stopped all his damage then swung back for the win.

2 – 1


Round 4 – TLR Y/G

This was one of the match ups I was bricking it against, as the Yami can’t be effected by the money counter and coupled with an explosive lvl 1 makes for a tough time. Luckily TLR did as it does every now and then and failed to get going early so I managed to have and hold lvl 1 and not see the Mikan combo until lvl 2. By this point I’d got enough stock and my opponent was forced to have one Yami in the lvl slot early to fix his yellow. So with only 3 left to fear I used the money counter to keep myself at lvl2 for as long as I could using it against any big soul attacks. Then down came 2 Yami’s and the combo but some lucky cancels kept me in, then the Haruka combo came to save the day.

3 – 1


Round 5 Nanoha Y/R

A deck I was surprised to see as I’d not played much against it apart from against Lee. He plays the wipe out trait combo on the 2/1 fate, of which if they ran I was safe from since my guys power comes from X of specific names in play. This one was back and forth from lvl 0 through to 2 and really fun to play as neither of us had a huge lead against the other for very long, so it all came down to the last few turns. Not knowing what lvl 3s I was gonna see I’d managed to get my anti heal out ready so, if anything, I’d slow them down from huge plays. Down comes the Nanoha combo to deal me 5 but once again money shines bright and I stop it dead in its tracks. Its at this point I realize we are going into the last round of swiss and I was on a roll.

4 – 1


Round 6 Madoka G/B English

This was the first English deck I’d seen all day, which out of 52 people was something. The start of this game I got the God hand for this deck: slayers, Riki, Brainstormer and the lvl 0 counter that gives a lvl and +1000. I go first, so down goes a slayer and swing. I then wait for the slayer return swing which came and BANG the lvl 0 counter happens. Needless to say my opponent wasn’t best pleased as not many counters exist at this lvl, so I was off to the best start all day. Later into lvl 2 I go search the anti-heal as I remember the last time I faced a Madoka deck and wasn’t gonna let the Sayaka heal spam happen. Didn’t stop Sayaka’s wish sadly but it was better than nothing, so down comes clock kick Homura and in they come. I money one attack where a 2 soul was triggered to keep me low on lvl 3, but the other attacks put me up to 3.5. I then hit my last cancel to keep me in the game. I don’t have much in hand so I gamble on a clock as I have to deal 5 to win. It pays off as I get Sasami with enough to discard for her effect and get both the power and clock kick so with the climax down here we go. They cancel Sasami’s damage but takes the clock kick as well as the other attack leaving him on 2 left. I flip over a trigger for 3 damage but luck shines and it sticks sending me comfortably into top 8.

5 – 1


So out of team Chimera those that made it to top 8 number myself, Lee and Joe. with Chris ending 10th out of swiss along with Darryl and Cameron due to bad tie breakers. So we go into top 8 with the following decks:


  • Little Busters twins
  • Puyo Y/R/B
  • GFB B/R
  • Attack on titan Titan build
  • Nisekoi R/G/B
  • TLR Y/G
  • Monogatari R/Y
  • Nanoha R/Y


Top 8 


Nisekoi R/G/B

A match I was not looking forward to with how annoying Marika can be, even at a one of, but I didn’t lose heart. I’d got to top 8 before in Neo showdown so this time I didn’t want to choke like last time. Not much to say early apart from I got them to lvl 2 fast, Marika ended up in the bin before lvl 3 but a cheeky gate trigger returned it to the hand before my turn. Thankfully it never hit the field as I managed to hit them for game that turn, which was good as I’d run through all my money counters and was low on climaxes in deck.


Top 4



It came down to me, Joe and Lee from Chimera in top 4 so 2 of us we were bound to end up fighting each other and I drew that straw. I did manage to get some cheeky early damage in but GFB just managed to out damage me with pumpkin and the early play that stopped me from getting any field advantage when they hit. All in all I got Joe to 3.5 before I failed the last bit and died on the swing back. So it was down to the losers bracket to play for third while Joe went on to the finals against Monogatari.


Puyo Y/R/B

So it came down to me and Lee fighting for pride and bragging rights of third place, and it had to be puyo he was playing a very strong set with an insane lvl 3 I can’t money away (as he plays the Carbuncle 2/1). This was the most relaxed game I had all day as no matter the outcome I’d done better than my last tournament showings. So me and Lee were hurling abuse at each other while the judge told us to tone it down in terms of the language. To round off when the final cards fell it was Little Busters that came out on top due to some bad triggers on Lee’s part and him eating a lot of early damage.


This was a fun and exciting tournament even if it wasn’t a Bushiroad sanctioned one. The prize pool wasn’t bad, Blair did his usual at these events and raffled off prizes to all that entered; along with trophies for top 3. This and the waifu wars event that followed has more firmly cemented in my mind how powerful the money counter in Little Busters (and similar cards) are. It helped me survive long enough to turn games in my favour. Of course I made bad plays and kept the odd greedy hand early, but every game I learnt what I did wrong as well as got to play the deck against many new match-ups. So now to wait for WGP season to roll on. Even if I won’t be playing this deck I don’t mind, as team Chimera will be strong and ready to go.


The star card of the day

The star card of the day