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Puyo Puyo Trial Deck Analysis – WSUK

Posted on: 23rd March, 2016 @ 1:20 pm by lankyspirit
Puyo TD Analysis Cover

Weiss Schwarz UK are finally back with a new trial deck analysis video. This time round, I will be opening and discussing the recent Puyo Puyo TD.


For anyone not aware, myself and Alain (BakaShift) formed the channel WeissSchwarzUK on YouTube a couple of years ago. We have made all sorts of videos including How To’s, match videos and TD analysis. However, due to circumstances mentioned in the video, we have not put out any content for quite some time. That is all about to change though and this marks the beginning of our comeback campaign.


From now on we are going back to regular content, so without further ado please enjoy our new video.