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Deck Tech – Cinderella Girls, Owover

Posted on: 15th October, 2017 @ 10:28 pm by Lee Powell
Miku and Riina

Greetings Weiss Schwarz players,


The next deck I wanted to write about is a deck that in the English version of the game hasn’t had the results that I think it deserves. While it can struggle through parts of the game due to not really having anything to do at level 2, there is enough power elsewhere in the deck to make up for it. This is the deck I successfully won BCS Spring 2017 in Huddersfield with.


Deck Overview

You can find the full list for the deck here: https://wsdecks.com/deck/16955/


This deck is built entirely around using ΦωΦver!! at level 3. The combo puts the top two cards of your deck into the waiting room and does a different effect based on whether there is a blue and/or red card amongst those top two. Because of this it is important to keep a relatively even balance of red to blue cards in the deck.


Some builds I have seen of the ΦωΦver!! deck run a number of yellow cards at level 0, but I think this is wrong. I don’t believe it is worth having the risk of missing on the level 3 climax combo to get a bit of extra advantage in the early game.


Level 0

At level 0 you want to decide whether to play a slow or fast level. To do this, you need to think about how powerful your opponents level 1 game is and then decide whether it is preferable to hit level 1 first or second. The reason for this is that the level 1 combo in this deck needs to reverse it’s battle opponent so you want to make doing this as easy as possible.


Uzuki interceptMiku slayer

“Uzuki Shimamura” and “Miku Proposes a Showdown” are the two main attackers for level 0.


When combined with either brainstorm Uzuki can be a pain for opponents to reverse without a slayer and can help to prolong level 0 if needed by removing the option for your opponent to direct attack in a slot.


Miku on the other hand had four copies put in the deck because I wanted an easy way to deal with people playing titan swarm and filling their field at level 0. The fact you can make her 3500 power if you rest 2 characters is a nice bonus and I never feel bad for drawing one or more of these at level 0.


Rin top 4Rin TD 0

Being able to run through your deck when needed is a powerful tool to have available and “Rin Shibuya” helps to fulfil that role in this deck. Keeping one copy of this card in hand at all times when possible is never a bad thing as you never know when you will need to filter your hand or force a deck refresh. As she can only choose blue cards when looking at the top four, I have skewed the amount of characters so that there are slightly more blue than red. This card is another reason why I don’t like having any yellow in the deck as it increases the chances of not being able to get anything.


“The First Step, Rin” was added to fill space. I wanted a blue character at level 0 and it was a nice bit of utility that can sometimes be helpful. This card could replaced with anything else that the player wants to use.


Kanako brainstormRiina brainstorm

There are two copies of each brainstorm in this deck. This is partly to keep the colour balance between blue and red and partly because I wanted to have access to both salvage and search in the deck. This may be a little greedy as sometimes you will end up having Kanako when you want Riina or vice versa, but it is never too big a problem as just having access to a brainstorm is enough.


Most of the time you will only have one copy of a brainstorm on the back row as the other slot is reserved for “*(Asterisk) Riina”. My personal preference is to keep Riina around as I like having the 1000 power during my opponents turn over the constant 500. This is because of my preference to be more defensive when given the opportunity.


Level 1

The goal at level 1 is to use “Minami Nitta” to refill your hand, wipe your opponents field and run through the deck as much as is needed at the time. With the amount of top four cards in this deck it is not unusual to refresh at level 1 and then start to push for a second refresh as you approach level 2.


Minami top 4

Being able to get uses out of multiple copies of this card in a single turn is the best way to get yourself ahead. The most important part is to make sure you can guarantee that at least one copy of Minami is going to reverse her battle opponent. The first Minami will likely only be 7500 power with the climax in play. This doesn’t put her out of counter range against quite a few cards, so positioning and attacking order are key.


As long as the first attack hits the mark there should be no need to worry about the second and third attacks and you should find yourself with a sizeable hand at the end of the turn. If you find yourself with a large hand, even though it may be multiple turns away, you can also use this time to start setting up for level 3.


Riina early play 2Chieri clock encoreMinami my first star

These are the decks beat sticks to be played alongside “Minami Nitta”. “My First Star, Minami” is good for trying to bait counters out of your opponents hand like all cards that share the come into play and get power effect. I chose to play “CANDY ISLAND, Chieri” over “Camp with Everyone, Anastasia” to keep the balance between red and blue.


Finally I added one copy of “Our Lyrics, Riina” just for the possibility of having an even bigger wall than Chieri on the field. If you can place this card in the centre slot with a Riina brainstorm behind then this card won’t be going anywhere.


Asterisk riinaSae backupMizuki backup

“*(Asterisk), Riina” Will sit on the back row and should be there for the entirety of the game. She is vital to setting up “Miku Maekawa” at level 3. The top 3 effect can also be useful if you end up playing an “ΦωΦver!!” climax before level 3.


Next there is your standard 2000 power backup. Usually this is at it’s most useful when used on the character in the centre slot, as most of the time your highest power character will be here.


Finally I included a single copy of “Mizuki Kawashima”. This is another card that can be kept or changed depending on your own preference. I use this as I like having the top check utility when I am running low on climax cards in the deck and want to try and get closer to cancelling an attack.


Level 2

Level 2 can definitely be awkward at times with this deck. You will be doing more of the same plays you were making at level 1 with the only difference being that you have access to the anti change counter and you may have the opportunity to early play an “Anzu Futaba”. This time should also be spent building stock and adding level 3s to hand.


Riina early play 2Anzu healMayu anti change

I have already mentioned “Our Lyrics, Riina” at level 1. The only difference at this level is she can be played from hand without needing to worry about what colour characters are already on the field. She isn’t a terrible option if you just need a bit of power, but most of the time you will want to play something else.


“Anzu Futaba” doubles as both the only character in the deck that heals and the decks early play level 3. I am not a fan of her early play condition as even with the amount of ways to get through the deck you can still find yourself not being able to get yourself to 5 cards or less in the deck. Alternatively you may be able to get to 5 or less cards, but you may have to spend an amount of resources that is not worth using just to get this card into play. This is why I only run two copies.


Finally a single copy of “Mayu Sakuma” finishes off the level 2 line up. In the current English format this is one of the most important cards to have in hand for when you are level 2. More recent English sets have access to more powerful level 3s that can easily be put into play at level 2. It is then Mayus job to remove one of them to stop the game getting too out of control. It is perfectly viable to run two copies of this card in the deck if you feel it is needed.


Level 3

My favourite part about this deck is the fact you can be both offensive and defensive with the same climax combo. Because of this there is no need to hold back when you hit level 3, you can just play your cards and attack.


Miku level 3Anastasia level 3

These are the two finishers of the deck. “Miku Maekawa” is the reason that you want to keep a balance of red and blue cards in the deck. During the combo if you put a red card in the waiting room from the top of the deck, you get to burn 1 and if you put a blue card, until the end of your opponents turn she gets 2000 power and the character opposite gets -1 soul. The idea is to hit both effects so that if you don’t kill your opponent then the odds of you surviving to get another turn are increased.


The other thing I like about Miku is that on play she salvages the climax needed for the combo. If you are feeling greedy you can get away with adding a second copy of the climax to hand if you are going to need another turn to win. This is also an acceptable play to make if you aren’t that close to a deck refresh.


“Anastasia” I find is best used at the same time with the ΦωΦver!! combo for maximum impact. While not a bad back up plan if ΦωΦver!! isn’t available I find one Miku and one Anastasia to be the best chance to end the game. This is especially true if you can bring in “My First Star, Minami” to be a direct attack for the fourth attack.


Kaede level 3Hanako counter

“Kaede Takagaki” is a card I wasn’t originally using until I had done some testing. At the time of entering the Huddersfield tournament I specifically added this card to the deck to help with my match up against all the Attack on Titan decks. In the titans match up it helps if they replay the wall after being anti changed and against corps it is just a power house that can’t be shifted easily. The same can apply against other decks. Sometimes you just need a character to stick to the field for more than one turn.


The final card is the heal counter. If you have read my previous Idolm@ster deck tech then you will already know how much I love this card. While not quite as feasibly to hold on to it for the entire game in this deck, it is still possible.



Everybody's leaderOwover

Standard four copies of each.



Cinderella girls and specifically ΦωΦver!! builds fit into the utility heavy play style that I enjoy using in this game. Even with the two obvious weaknesses being needing to reverse your opponent at level 1 and not having much at game 2, I still think this is one of the strongest decks in the English format.


One of the only decks I feel this deck can struggle against are the wave attack builds of Sword Art Online. This is due to the amount of damage that deck can output if it has enough time to set up at level 3. You can play around this however by pushing your opponent to level 3 before they build too much stock.


I believe in the short term future this deck will hold its power position although I think Persona 5 will be difficult for this deck to handle, but not impossible. The same may also be true for Attack on Attack Vol. 2. Depending on what sets Bushiroad releases in English next year it may be time to put this deck away in favour of something more powerful or hope we get Cinderella Girls 2nd season and switch to trancing pulse (fat chance of that happening).


Thank you for reading and feel free to leave any comments.


Until next time.