Weiss Schwarz Rabbits Deck Tech - Dear My Sister

Deck Tech – Rabbits, Dear My Sister

Posted on: 24th May, 2018 @ 10:40 pm by Lee Powell

Greetings Weiss Schwarz players,


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but I’m back and this time with a fairly new deck. So let’s jump straight into another Lee special build.


Deck Overview

You can find the full list for the deck here: https://wsdecks.com/deck/64281/


I went into this rabbits set not expecting a whole lot and not really knowing what I wanted to build. After opening boxes I decided to go with the 5 card brainstorm and its associated climax combos.


After settling on a 3 colour build I’ve built a deck that I find is a lot of fun to play. While pretty straight forward in the early and mid games, it is in the late game where this deck turns it up a notch with its high amount of versatility. It is quite possible to live through multiple turns at level 3 and still have gas in the tank to finish off your opponent.


Level 0

Compared to the usual 15 or 16 level 0s that I will normally place in my deck, there are a lot of level 0s in this particular deck. This is to allow you to consistently set up your back row, allow you to play all 3 colours and still have cards to attack with.


Syaro anti runnerCocoa mill runner

These are the main 2 attackers at level 0. In the current meta game I consider “Syaro, Bringing Pots Over” to be a key piece to the early game and I think not running this card would be silly. A lot of decks will currently run 4 copies of a runner where available and Syaro denies this, which then forces your opponent to replace their runner on the field.


While Syaro only gets power the turn she comes in, I play it as a pseudo slayer in that I expect it to die in the next turn. The other purpose of this card is to get yellow in level for levels 2 and 3.


“Future Goal” Cocoa is your standard mill runner. Instead of being base 2500 power, instead she has the option of giving +500 anywhere on attack. The option to do this is nice but nothing special. I only run 3 copies as I always do with mill runners as I like to keep space for other cards. The chance of milling a climax and not running is the other reason I only ever stick to 3.


Mocha top 3Rize salvage

This is the level 0 utility of the deck. It is important to play at least one “Welcome” Mocha early and to get a “Welcome Cocoa!” to memory through her effect. You need this to set up late game, as well as to make sure that “Acting Big Sister” Rize is a base 7000 power after you play her from level  1 onwards. Beyond the first, I will try and get as many Cocoa to memory as possible before level 3. The timing on the reveal 3 can be awkward with it being on reverse, but I’ll never complain at having additional ways to dig through the deck and filter my hand. This card has definitely dug me out of a few holes when I’ve desperately needed to get through my deck.


“Wonderland” Rize is just a solid piece of all around utility. You get a character you need out the waiting room, give out a bit of power and then have the bonus of sending her to stock if her attack is cancelled. As this deck doesn’t spend a huge amount of stock this can be used to get a trapped climax out of stock. It can also be used if you have a direct attack available as a way to possibly get an additional stock built for a turn.


Chino 5 card brainstormRize blanket boost

Finally we have the back row for the deck. The aim is to get one of each of these on the back row as soon as possible and then never change it.


“Welcome! Chino” restricts you into the climaxes you can use for this deck. The pay off is having a 5 card brainstorm instead of the usual 4. The benefit is having the additional chance of getting extra cards to hand or getting one card closer to your next deck refresh. I am also a big fan of the first effect on this card. Allowing you to discard to draw on climax play is a great way to filter your hand with the bonus of your opponent not knowing what card you have picked up, as well as being another way to get one card deeper in the deck.


I wasn’t sure what to think of “For You! Rize” at first but there wasn’t much choice for back row in the Dear My Sister trait so I put this in. This deck wants to fight for the board at level 1 so as long as you order your attacks correctly the chance of an extra 1000 power actually turned out to be quite useful. The global 500 power is also helpful for the level 1 game.


Level 1

Ideally I put Yellow or Blue into level for level 1 and then have red in clock to allow me to play my level 1 cards. I start to craft my hand ready for level 3 at this point because with the level 1 combo and the brainstorm you should never be short on hand. At this level I fight for board control and try to keep the upper hand where possible.


Cocoa I'm Back level 1Rize 7k

The level 1 combo in this deck is what locks you in to the Dear My Sister trait. “Cocoa, Somewhat Surprised” needs everybody on the field to be Dear My Sister and only adds Dear My Sister to hand on the combo. The combo is what will fuel your hand and is another card that can contribute to running through the deck. She has a more than reasonable 6000 base power and while you don’t need to reverse for the combo, she has no problem reversing most characters at level 1 before counters.


“Acting Big Sister” Rize is there to be an annoyance and a costless wall. Being a 7000 base power character, she can push to reverse characters that Cocoa can’t. The high base power means that with a counter, a lot of level 1 characters outside of slayers will struggle to reverse her without pumping some power into them.


Rize buff others

I originally ran 2 copies of this card but found myself not using it very often. I have left it in as a one of for those times where I need the extra power on a Rize or Cocoa to remove a high powered threat from the field. This slot in the deck is flexible and this could easily be replaced with something else without affecting the game plan.


Cocoa vanilla counter

With the lack of a 2k backup I opted to run one copy of a vanilla +1500 backup. While not everyone would agree, I chose to run this over the old anti change for two reasons. The first is to try and keep as on trait as possible and the second is that the extra 500 power has actually been relevant in keeping my characters alive. The deck still has access to anti change, but at level 2 instead.


Level 2

Again ideally I will level the other splash colour here, so if I leveled yellow at level 1 I will try to take blue here and vice versa.


Level 2 is all about biding your time and constructing your hand ready for level 3. With no early plays you need to control the board as much as possible so you don’t lose too much advantage. Sometimes you will end up running characters in to things at level 2, but it doesn’t really matter as long as your hand is ready to go, and you have enough stock for when you do hit level 3.


Chino free refresh back upSyaro anti change slayer back upChiya anti change counter

The only cards at level 2 are back ups and there is only one copy of each.


So first is the free refresh counter. While this card is not a Dear My Sister card and is a whiff on the level 1 combo, this card finds a place in this deck. Before level 3 the deck doesn’t spend much stock so when the situation calls for it, the refresh can get you out of some bad situations while still leaving you enough stock to make plays after.


Next is the Syaro counter and this is probably the most important of the 3 counters. It doubles as an anti change slayer without giving your opponent the opportunity to encore their early play as it sends it to stock. In games where I know my opponent will early play something that is troublesome if left alone, I will grab this card and not let go if I can help it. This card being a 2500 backup is just a bonus if the anti change is not needed.


Finally is the Chiya anti change back up and there are multiple reasons why I chose this card. One reason I chose to go for this over the level 1 back up is partly to keep as many cards that are in the Dear My Sister trait as possible. Another is when I do use this card for its anti change I want to remove my opponents attack completely to save on damage taken. Finally, with how much stock this deck can build by running cost-less cards, it is not always a huge deal to pay the extra stock for the cost.


Level 3

So this is where the fun starts when playing this deck. As mentioned at the start, one of this deck’s greatest strengths is its ability to have multiple turns at level 3 and to have strong finishing turns more than once.


For a strong finishing turn you will need 6 stock as a minimum although you can still craft level 3 turns with less. When it comes to having more than 6 stock I would say that 8 is the magic number but more won’t hurt. Having this much stock gives you the option to all in and also gives you the option to pull out half way through and save for another turn.


Syaro Musashii

“Welcome! Syaro” is the other main reason why yellow makes the cut. The cancel burn effect of milling a card and burning equal to its level plus one is always a strong effect and is always a good compliment to other cards when pulling off a finishing turn.


I always try to have at least 1 copy in my hand for when I hit level 3. In prolonged games playing a fresh copy of this turn after turn is a good easy way to push damage.


Cocoa I'm back level 3

“Welcome! Cocoa” combos with the same climax as the level 1 Cocoa. Most of the time this card won’t be played from hand and will be popping out of memory with the combo. You want to have 2 or 3 copies of this card in memories before you hit level 3 so you have the option of getting multiple heals without paying any stock. The heal on this card and its combo making it effectively free is part of what helps to give you multiple turns at level 3.


The other effect on this card is good if you have the excess stock and hand to pay for it, or if you need to push that little extra bit of damage.


If things are going bad and for whatever reason you haven’t found the other level 3s in your deck, you can always just pop multiples of these out of memory and then use multiple burn 1s. While I don’t think this is the strongest finish it is still a strong back up plan.


Fireworks Chino

Finally, we have the Chino. I’ve heard this card be called bad and a trap and on its own this card isn’t the greatest. However this card is far from bad. The power in this card comes when combined with the other two level 3s in the deck. Being able to draw a card when played is also useful for digging to the 2 climaxes you need for both Chino and Cocoa, as well as having enough hand to pay for effects.


While the combo itself somewhat restricts your attack order, the ability to restand another character gives you a lot of versatility in the kinds of finishing turn you can do.


One trick you can do with this card is when you attack, you have the option to remove the climax in play and to replace it with a “Welcome Back” from hand. However, you don’t actually have to do the second half of the card’s effect and you can simply remove the climax in play. While doing this is an edge case there are a couple of scenarios where this is useful. The first is to shuffle the climax in just before a refresh and the second would be to reduce the soul of Chino’s attack by 1. Both scenarios assume you aren’t going to be re-standing another character after Chino’s attack.



I'm Back climaxWelcome Back climax

4 Gate and 4 Pants in order to fulfill the requirements of my brainstorm and my climax combos. This is currently my favourite combination of climaxes just for the amount of card advantage it generates.


Combos with Chino

I thought it would be good to give some examples of some of the types of attacks you can set up using the Chino combo. For scenarios where Cocoa is played I am assuming that the “I’m back” climax is played first and Cocoa is coming from memory.


Fireworks ChinoSyaro Musashii

Stock needed at start of turn: 4 (+2 for additional Syaro)


Syaro is probably my favourite target to re-stand when I really need to push for damage. The cancel burn effect doesn’t need to happen on Syaro’s first attack, so if her first attack doesn’t cancel this makes her the perfect target for Chino. Then if the Syaro’s second attack is cancelled, you will still get the burn effect.


Fireworks ChinoCocoa I'm back level 3

Stock needed at start of turn: 2 (+2 for each Cocoa burn)


Cocoa has the option of paying 2 and discarding a card to burn 1 whenever she attacks. Again this means that you don’t need to perform the effect on the first attack, and decide if this effect is needed at the start of each of Cocoa’s attacks. If you have enough stock and hand you could even burn 1 on both attacks.


Fireworks ChinoSyaro MusashiiCocoa I'm back level 3

Stock needed at start of turn: 4 (+2 for each Cocoa burn)


While having one of each level 3 on the field doesn’t give you the highest damage potential, it is the most versatile of the level 3 turns.


Aside from not attacking with Chino first, you can decide which character to attack with next based on how the previous attack went. It is a case of assessing how much damage you need to do, as well as the likelihood of the attack being cancelled before deciding who to attack with next. The decision of whether to use Cocoa’s burn effect and who to re-stand will need to be worked out the same way.


Fireworks ChinoFireworks Chino WITH Cocoa I'm back level 3 OR Syaro Musashii

Stock needed at start of turn: 6 with Cocoa/8 with Syaro (+2 for each Cocoa burn)


This allows you to do the classic 5 attack turn. These are probably the character combinations that will give you the highest potential damage output, but limits your attack order. With the minimum amount of stock needed the attack order would need to be: Cocoa/Syaro, Chino 1, Cocoa/Syaro, Chino 2, Cocoa/Syaro. Depending on soul triggers, the character attacking 3 times may be in a position where side attacks are useful as increases and decreases in soul carry over through each attack.



Fun is the key factor for me when talking about this deck and I find this deck way more fun to play than other builds of Rabbits right now.


I don’t think this deck has a stronger finish than the good old Chino and Cocoa combo from the extra booster but it definitely has its own merits and still has a strong finish. I would say this deck has more survivability than the Chino and Cocoa decks and also has a higher threat through multiple turns. It doesn’t just fizzle after having it’s explosive turn if it doesn’t win on that turn.


The fun of the finisher turn, the speed you can run through the deck, and the ability to heal for free when set up combined are all things that make the deck enjoyable to me. It is for these reasons that I am playing this deck in tournaments.


Until next time.