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Deck Tech – Cinderella Girls, Owover

Greetings Weiss Schwarz players,   The next deck I wanted to write about is a deck that in the English version of the game hasn’t had the results that I think it deserves. While it can struggle through parts of the game due to not really having anything to do at level 2, there is enough power elsewhere in the deck to make up for it. This is the deck I successfully won BCS Spring 2017 in Huddersfield with.


Lee Powell - 15th October 2017

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Deck Tech – Idolm@ster, Go My Way

Greetings Weiss Schwarz players,   The first deck tech I wanted to write is for one of my favourite decks. I’ve been playing various builds of Idolm@ster for a number of years and this is probably the one I have had the most fun with. My results with this deck have been good, including finishing 3rd place in the EU WGP finals in 2016 and having a number of successful results in the European league in the first half of 2017.


Lee Powell - 28th September 2017

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WS Ban List Feb 2017 Part 1 – The Data

A new year can only mean one thing; new WS sets and changes to the ban list. Whilst we are all excited for the recently announced sets, and finally getting a release date for the Star Wars set, the ban list is still something we should devote our attention to. It is not only a good gauge of the current meta, thanks to Bushiroad making a lot of interesting data public, but it also effects how we are going to play as these new sets come out.


lankyspirit - 10th February 2017

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