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Weiss Schwarz English Translations

This is the page for my Weiss Schwarz English translations. All files are in PDF format and are in a printer friendly format. If you print them double-sided they can make a nice flip book for both translation and deck building referral ^^ If you spot any issues, please contact me.


(Disclaimer: These translations are for reference only. Please ask for permission before using the text in part, or full in any webpage. Non-compliance will result in the blacklisting of such websites. Basically, these take a lot of time and effort to make so please use them with care and respect. Stay classy and enjoy the fruits of my labour.)


It may also be worth noting that it is highly unlikely that I will make any more of these. Due to the huge amount of time and effort involved they are difficult for me to produce right now. That being said, if you have any requests then please contact me and I will do my best to oblige.


Trial Decks


Suisei no Gargantia


A Certain Scientific Railgun S


Extra Boosters